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How To Tow
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There are many topics to discuss about towing for profit but first I would like to thank everyone who has signed up with us since our first launch in October 2010 and helped to make this online towing training course a success. Your support not only helps keep this towing information available to everyone but your questions and comments also help in making more information available to others such as in our towing forums.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Wally Cass and I have been in the towing business for 25 years. I started in the towing industry by working for a large towing company in San Diego CA. The towing company was so large that they had eight impound yards, over a hundred tow trucks, their own fueling stations and their own mechanics shop. I worked for this towing company for 7 years, attended and certified by CTTA towing and recovery classes. I drove every tow truck in their fleet and I was one of their lead drivers in the heavy duty towing and recovery class when I left to start my own business in my home State of WA. in 1995.

I remember how tough it was to start a towing business at the time because I had a family to support and I didn't have any savings to speak of. All I had was the desire to own my own towing business and I was willing to do what ever it took to make it happen. You will also need determination and dedication to make your towing business a success.

You have one advantage over me
that I didn't have!

You have my 24 years of towing experience, 17 years of which were as a independent towing business owner and operator. Now I would have loved to come across a website such as that offers information and insight to owning and operating a towing business but frankly there was no such site to visit at the time and I have yet to find any other site that offers the extensive towing information and videos. I like to call it my towing training course.

Sure I already knew how to tow vehicles but I had no idea where and how to sign up with the motor clubs, negotiating with the regional managers to get better towing rates, accounting, billing, taxes, employees, insurance etc. and the list goes on. I was only an employee dispatched to tow vehicles and I had no experience in these other areas. Frankly, I lost allot of time and money by doing everything by trial and error and I wish this information was available to me.

How to Tow For Profit.
How much can I expect to make?

First of all it comes down to how dedicated are you to your towing business? Will you operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Will you have huge start up costs? Will you start out with employees? Will you go out and get the accounts necessary to keep the phone ringing?

I can only tell you how I operate my towing business and how profitable it is but your income will vary depending on the previous questions. I explain everything (in the members area) on how much I make and what my rates are with the motor clubs after you sign up but I will tell you briefly that I worked 24/7 for the first two years. As soon as I had my business license I went out and secured local accounts. I purchased a website TowingTransport. Within one month the calls were coming in steady. Within one year I was able to move into my own house. Within 2 years I bought a brand new truck, a nice used 22 foot bayliner boat, a used trail bike and 2 go carts for the kids. The third year I bought a second new truck and hired an employee. The employee was a relief as it gave me some time off from towing.

Was it worth starting and operating my own towing business? Absolutely. There was no way I was going to make that kind of money working for someone else, besides I always had time to do what I wanted between calls and I worked out of my house. More importantly I found my own independence. No one but me could tell me what to do. No one could lay me off. If I was going to work for anybody it was for me and my family. Not for someone else. Everyone gets tired of the same old grind day after day and with towing I always saw new places and new faces.

What My Towing Course Will Not Teach You.

I will not explain how to do impounds or repossessions. I tow strictly for the motor clubs, retail accounts and local business accounts. This is my area of expertise. Customers are happy to see me coming to their rescue, unlike impounds and repossessions. I never wanted to get into impounds or have a impound yard because of the problems and red tape that one must go through. You have to get approved by your governing agencies, zoning, fencing, make sure the office is proper, Dept of Licensing, titles, registrations, auctions, state patrol vehicle inspections, proper notifications etc.

And then there is the financial obligations of leasing or mortgage and insurance for the property and garage keepers liability.

I work out of my home with no overhead costs. In fact I deduct part of mortgage come tax time as a home office. My low overhead allows me to keep my towing rates low which in turn gets more customers. The best part is my customers are happy customers. Well maybe not so happy because their vehicle broke down but happy to see a tow truck arrive and help them.

Another thing I won't show you is how to hook up to a vehicle using a wheel lift tow truck. My preference is and has always been using a flatbed or rollback tow truck, so my videos show hooking up to vehicles using a flatbed only. I do however explain the good and bad aspects of using a wheel lift tow truck, after all I drove wheel lift trucks off and on for seven years.

What My Towing Course Will Teach You

  • How to Tow and How to hook up to a vehicle properly, Videos and detailed descriptions show you how to hook up to a vehicle properly. The most common mistakes while hooking up are explained. You must have this information to prevent damage claims.
  • Business planning, what you will need to get started in the towing business.
  • Accounting, keeping accurate records, invoicing, billing, taxes, office equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Everything you should know about Motor Clubs, how to contract with the motor clubs and which ones are the best including: rates, addresses, phone numbers, towing areas, length of times allowed to a call, billing methods and more.
  • Advertising, some of the best ways to advertise your towing business and one of my favorite places to advertise for free!
  • Insurance, Learn how to purchase commercial towing insurance and the details.
  • How to get business accounts, methods I use to get accounts even if the business already has a dedicated towing provider.
  • Service calls, explains the best way to perform service calls and the equipment used.
  • Safety, how to operate safely to prevent injuries to you and the public.
  • Winching, how to winch properly, (common mistakes while loading a vehicle), procedures, safety, how to winch a vehicle out of a tough situation, taking care of the winch and cable.
  • Preventing Damage Claims, learn from my experience what not to do and how to avoid damage claims.
  • Common Forms, download forms online, prevent damage claims for pre-existing conditions, dispatch sheet.
  • How to unlock a Vehicle in under three minutes, modern method to unlock vehicles, "do not use slim jim on vehicles" (Video) avoid damage to the electronics in the door.
  • Towing equipment, using the right towing equipment is essential. Choosing the right equipment will save you money and time. I explain my must have requirements for towing equipment not only for towing but also for service calls. I explain in detail how the towing equipment is used.
  • Plans for building a Commercial, Gooseneck, Fifth Wheel, Hydraulic Tilt, Towing Trailer, Get the plans to build the best commercial towing trailer. These plans have never been released and I make them exclusively available to you after you sign up. Note: Professional blue prints by a professional plans drafter are not available. So please do not sign up if you are strictly signing up to purchase true blue prints by a professional. I did make the plans the best I could but again I did not hire a pro.
  • How to tow a motorcycle, Learn how to hook up to a motorcycle properly. I explain how to tow a motorcycle using a flatbed and what not to do. Prevent damage claims.
  • Tire changes, Learn some of the tricks I use on those stubborn tire changes and some of the problems you may face. Be prepared!
  • Jump Starts, You need more than just a set up jumper cables! I explain why and how you will benefit from using the proper equipment.
  • Towing Resources, I list my favorite places to shop for towing equipment and parts. I also invite you to join my towing forums HowtoTow/forum and which has topics on how to tow, how to start a towing business, and resources for buying towing equipment. Send me a email with your user name after signining up on the forums and I will make you a team member so that you can post and reply to topics in the forum. I had to disable postings for regular members as the spam was extensive.

There are many more benefits when you sign up at including a free bonus which includes a total of 84 legal forms and 597 business letters which can be used in any business or for personal use. This value alone is worth the admission to the members area. More about these legal forms and business letters can be found here (including what type of forms and letters you will receive).


You will be redirected to the members area immediately after signing up

You will be redirected to the members area immediately after signing up. If for some reason you were not redirected to the members area then contact me and I will send you the link via email.

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Guarantee: I am so confident that you will benefit from this information that I am willing to make your purchase absolutely risk free! If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I will promptly issue a refund. No questions asked.

I invite you to sign up now and get instant access to the online towing information, materials, trailer plans, forms, videos, the best training and support.

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I am including a free bonus in the members area after you sign up for the towing course. The bonus includes a total of 84 legal forms and 597 business letters that you can use in any type of business and also for your personal use.

If your interested in what members have to say about the towing information then scroll down to the testimonial section. Sorry about any punctuation or spelling errors but all statements are left in tact as the author wrote them.

I really did enjoy the towing information that you put together. It was very informative and I feel it will help me with my future endeavor.

Thank You!

Kevin Cardin

I purchased the course a few weeks ago and after reading through it and viewing the videos I must say that it has been most informative.

Orlando R. Price

By the way it is a great course. I learned a lot about how to secure the car properly and what kind of trailer to look for.

Bob Float

Thank you for your site as well as your advise...the phone is beginning to ring! I am now part of QWEST's network. I have applied and/or contacted all other motor clubs.

Shawn Looram

I think the towing information is great.

Clancy Phillips

Thanks Wally,
I purchased last night, pretty good stuff, I have been researching towing for the past year and this is by far the most info I have found, specially on the roadside part of the business which is what I am aiming for. Anyway thanks Wally

Luis Vazquez

I thought it was fantastic, it's very easy to use and gave me a lot of knowledge on everything dealing that I'm starting out and the price was fine and I gave you guys a little extra. I was hoping that this would help and it did a lot thank you. Yes, I would recommend to anyone.

Ethan R.

I want to thank you for your website and the material on it. Too often people are unwilling to share the processes they went through to become a success and I am very grateful that you are not one of those people.


I'm excited about finding this towing information that you have made available because I asked a friend (that has his own towing service) if there was anywhere I could get towing training beforehand and he told me there was no type of training available other than hands on working with or for someone already in business. That bothered me, so I searched on line to see for myself if it was so and Icame across your site and I got excited and shared this with him. I told him that this could help him also to build his knowledge on towing. He was so surprised and told me thanks for letting him know about it. So I will be forwarding this site information to him.


Thanks again for all the info you have taken the time to put together. I have found it very useful in my business planning. I am currently trying to startup a roadside assistance business. I am in Raleigh N.C. Thanks again!!!

Mark E.



Just want to tell you how valuable your information has been to us. I'm not sure what would have happened to our start up towing business had I not found your website.

We started "towing" 3 months ago and thanks to your advise about motor clubs we've barely missed a lick.

Thanks and God Bless!
Jimmy and Rhonda Frady
Johnson City Towing
Johnson City, Tx

Love your website, lots of good information, thank you..RON BILLINGS

Please let others know how you have benefited from this towing information.
Please send me your testimonial and thanks to all who have done so. We all appreciate it!



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