Content: You are not allowed to share your account information or links with others. You can however train your employees with the information.

Privacy Policy: I understand that your information is important to you and your information will not be sold or given to others, not for any reason. We may contact you by email regarding your account or if you sign up for a newsletter.

Login: is for the purpose of accessing private and secure areas such as the members area and accessing the shopping cart. This will also keep track of your purchase records and will help assist you should login problems arise.

Method of delivery: All transactions are digital in nature. The information that I provide is located online through our website and will be available 24/7. We do not ship products or information on DVD.

Payment: Payments are processed through Paypal. After payment is made you will be automatically redirected to the members area after logging in. Your credit or bank statement will show payment to or Wallace Cass.

Guarantee Policy: if you are not totally 100 percent satisfied with the information I will issue a refund. No questions asked.

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