To Access the Members Area:

After payment is successful you should then make sure you are logged in. Once logged in you will automatically be redirected to the members area. If for some reason this failed then look at the upper right side column where you should see the Members Area Menu. Click on the link Members Area. If you don't see the Members Area menu refresh your browser. If nothing works see the contact support menu.

FOR ERRORS: If the server say's your a blocked user then you still need to activate your account. Make sure you check your email after registering as you will receive a email verification link. It may take several minutes after registration to receive the verification email. By clicking on the email link you are verifying  that your email address is correct and this will activate your account. If you don't see the email in your inbox check your spam or junk mail folder. Note: Update! The email verification system is currently turned off and at the moment automatic enrollment is activated so this topic should not apply to you at this time.

If you receive a message that says "unable to connect to LAPD server" then you have entered your login user name or password incorrectly.

If you have registered and you are having a problem with signing in then you can try using your "email address" as your login user name.

Once you have successfully logged in you can change your login user name by going to your profile and selecting edit profile at the bottom of your profile page

If you are still having problems signing in then please contact me using the contact menu.

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