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Here you will find a collection from my personal towing business which consist of three different trucks and three different trailers. There is one small crappy trailer that I started my towing business with and then the other two are the ones that I built. The last trailer that I built in 1998 has been painted three different colors, red being the last one to match the 2004 Dodge Ram. There are a few photo's from the time I was an employee such as the Peterbilt and Landoll trucks.


I have to say that my favorite truck is a Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab cummins diesel. The quad cab is so much nicer for carrying passengers and tools. The 2500 has a better ride than the 3500 and basically the one ton truck is over kill since all the towing weight is on the trailer. Pulling and stopping power is what your looking for mostly when choosing a truck to tow a gooseneck tilt trailer.


I also offer the plans to build this trailer in the members section. See right side menu to register.

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