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 I love Towing and I want to Share With You Everything I know!

From the heart of my 60 year old soul I want everyone interested in the towing industry to understand not only the principles of towing but to know everything about operating a towing business along with the fundamentals of safety. I understand that there are economical issues and purchasing equipment can be expensive however when I started my towing business I already owned a ford F-150 and then I purchased a used tilt bed car trailer for $2500.00. I have to admit this was not the best equipment but it worked temporarily to get my towing business started. After the money started to roll in I was able to purchase two new trucks and I personally built two new hydraulic tilt trailers. My towing business really exploded after the aquiring the new equipment and I had a better company image.

 I figured I was making $65.00 or more per hour because this was the minimum that I would charge to start the truck. If a towing or service call took 15 minutes I still got paid $65.00 or more GREAT! Every time the phone rang I made a minimum of $65.00. I made more when I performed winch outs ($80.00 per hour) or towed motorcycles (because they required time to strap down). When the weather conditions were poor, such as snow, I billed by the hour which pays much more! The simple winching out of a snow bank is a huge money maker, just a few minutes and your off to your next customer and in a snow storm your not only in the hundreds of dollars but thousands a day.

Remember that everything that I am telling you happened between 1986 and 2010 (retirement) and my towing and service rates were really low to beat the competition but today the rates are much higher. Expect bigger returns. Adjust the rates according to your needs. More to come on this topic in the members area.

When I was an employee I made $9.00 per hour and then went to $65.00 minimum as a owner operator. There really is no comparison. I learned how to tow as an employee of a major towing company for seven years but I struggled from paycheck to paycheck and I also had a family to support. So it was a huge relief financially when I was able to start my own towing business.

Towing rates are higher today compared to when I operated my towing company and depending on your location and local competition you should have no problem receiving $80.00 per hour or $80.00 hook-up and $3.50 per loaded mile. Call your local tow company for rates and see what the towing rate is for your area. I can tell you that it's a massive profit.

You now get everything I know about towing and operating a business without working for another towing company. I have done it all from A to Z and explain it all with over 30 topics and 60+ videos. It's simple, sign up! Scroll down toward the bottom of this page to become a member. I am also available 24/7 to answer any questions that may arise. If you want more history read on or become a member by registering and then place a one time low amount lifetime membership by scrolling down toward the bottom of this page.

If you want of tons of towing information and training then sign up. I made it affordable. Basically for the price of one jump start I tell you how to create an empire. Simply love it or ask for refund!


Get Paid Serious Money to Tow From Point A to Point B

A typical tow would take less than 15 minutes to drive to the nearest repair shop. If you billed at $65.00 per hour then this would be equivalent to $260.00 per hour. However most jobs are billed at hook-up plus mileage rates. This can be at the rate you set but you must research your competition and try to match or beat them. My rates were $65.00 hook-up and $3.50 per loaded mile. My service calls ranged from $65.00 to $80.00. Service call rates may differ and you can charge less or more depending on weather and local environments. For instance, If you have a snow storm your phone won't stop ringing and you can charge at a high dollar demand rate. Of course this is at your discretion. Let me put it this way, you will not have a problem paying your mortgage or truck payments. Speaking of mortgage payments did you know that you can write off part of your mortgage payments as a home business. I wrote mine off at 25 percent! I calculated the lower level of my home as a home office and the garage as the maintenance work-space. I never got audited. The tax advantages of owning a home based towing business are fantastic. Don't lease a yard and save tons of money. Work from home! I Never wanted to get into impounds (although I performed this task for my previous employer) because of the financial burden. There are also so many regulations with having a impound yard and everything must be up to code and inspected not to mention the additional employees I would need to hire. I experienced the angry and pissed off customers as an employee after I impounded their vehicle and this was something that I definatley wanted to avoid when I started my towing business. I operated my towing business out of my home and helped the distressed customer get their vehicle from point A to point B. I had a simple towing operation operating from home and I had very happy satisfied customers. I also hired employees but you have to be careful. I will explain more about this in the members area.


Earn Money Fast and Easy with Sevice Calls

You can make some really serious money while performing towing or service calls, Jump starts, lock outs, gas delivery, tire changes and of course you can choose the services you wish to perform. Most service calls such as jump starts or unlocks will only take 3 minutes or less and yet you make the minimum service call rate. This is a huge money considering the time involved. Sign on with the motor-clubs and service calls are unlimited! I discuss everything about the motor-clubs in the members area. How to perform all service calls, everything you need to know about the motor clubs is mentioned in the membrs area including their contact information.


Tow Smart

Protect your towing business, keep everyone safe and stay out of court. You have to operate a towing business smart and I will share with you everything I know about operating a safe towing business and how to prepare for the unexpected. Prior to hooking up a vehicle you must document the prior vehicle damage such as dents and scratches so that the customer can not blame you later for the damage. I will provide the forms that you will need. I will discuss the common mistakes that cause damage while hooking up to a vehicle and winching. By learning how to operate safely and correctly you will have a successful towing business while staying out of court not to mention the time and costs involved in customer repairs.

As a dedicated towing operator you are helping people in your community and making a lot of money in the process. I will share with you my life long history of towing along with the ups and downs and try to show you the right way to operating a towing business along with the the costly mistakes. I had to learn everything about the towing business on my own because this kind of towing information was not available when I started my business.  I am retired from towing and my goal is to help you get to where you want to go without the frustration, money and time complications. I will explain in detail everything you need to know about towing and ultimately show you how to make towing profitable. You will receive over 30 topics, 60+ videos, instructions, forms, illustrations and a money back guarantee with support!

Simply register and then scroll down toward the bottom of this page and order for a small lifelong membership fee which helps to pay for the website hosting fees and security. PayPal accepted. Guarantee! If you are not satisfied for any reason I will promptly refund your membership fee, no questions asked. Please read the testimonials! I do this out of love for the towing occupation and not for the money. By joining you are simply helping to support this towing information and training website and making it possible to keep this website up and running forever.


Master the skills of towing

Towing is an art that demands professional skills. Property damage, public safety and your reputation are all at risk and requires proper towing techniques.  I will help you master the skills of towing while providing you with the towing information and tools that are essential in building a successful towing business. Learn how to tow or start your own towing business with easy online towing training. Learn how to tow as an employee, owner operator or train your employees. It all begins here at where we put the most complete towing information at your fingertips. Expect the best towing information possible. Don't forget coupon discount code: "HOWTOTOW".


Owning your own Towing Business can be very rewarding

My towing business gave me independence and gratification that I was helping people in my community and rescuing stranded motorists. My customers relied on my professional towing service and were very happy to see me arrive and rescue them. I really went out of my way to make sure they got the best towing service available and my towing business grew rapidly.

The income from towing was far better than working for someone else. I could set my own business hours and have actually more time with my family while my income increased. I bought my first house within 2 years of starting my towing business, purchased two new trucks, and built two brand new car trailers. Within 4 years I had a fishing boat, motorcycle, toys for the kids and many things that I could never afford before. I was loving my job and the money. It just does not get any better. Don't get me wrong, I worked hard but it was not for someone else.

I am going to share with you how to achieve your own success in towing. The towing industry can be very rewarding and it all depends on your dedication, knowledge and skills. Learn everything you can about towing right here at You will ultimately gain the upper hand in towing as an employee or operating your own towing company.


Towing Success

I had a member "Luis Chacon" that started a towing business with his son after reading everything about towing in the members area. Luis and his son never drove any kind of truck before and they knew nothing about towing prior to joining They went on to make $350,000. within their first year. You can read more about Luis's testimonial in the testimonial section.

Towing Competition

Check out your towing competition. See what they are charging for towing rates and what type of equipment they are using, flatbed, rollback, wheel-lift, etc. and what type of accounts they have. For example: They may be solely invested in doing impounds and this leaves you wide open to motor club accounts, roadside assistance and local business accounts with no towing competition. Once you know how your competitors operate then you will know where you stand in the towing marketplace and what your advantages are over your competitors. Use this knowledge to your advantage in your planning and sales.

Towing Accounts

Contracting with local business accounts is fairly simple.  I had to show my accounts how they would benefit from my towing service. Example: Low profile loading car trailer (no damage). Low towing rates and I provided discounts to the business owner. I was always fast to respond, professional and courteous. In some cases these local businesses are stuck with only one towing provider and the towing service is poor or late to arrive to their customer. This is where you come in. You offer fast service at a affordable rate that beats the competition.

To gain motor-club accounts is also fairly simple. You can apply online to contract with any number of motor-clubs. You can provide towing and roadside services such as jump starts, lockouts, gas delivery and tire changes. You can also choose to provide only roadside services if you wish and this way you would not have to own a tow truck. I will explain more in detail in the members area including all the major motor-clubs contact information.

You don't have to focus on towing only cars. If you had a flatbed truck you could tow things such as forklifts, tractors, boats and just about anything you can think of. I have even transported hot tubs. You could contract with manufactures or factories, rental outlets, storage facilities and just about every business out there needs something hauled or moved. I would strongly suggest starting with a flatbed tow truck or rollback as you are not limited to what you can tow or transport. This leaves your marketplace wide open to unlimited potential to haul everything and anything. When towing cars don't forget about contracting with rental car agencies. Their clients often break down and the rental car agency will ask you to deliver another car to their client and return the broken down car to their shop. So you are actually getting two tows in the transaction.


I have to mention one important aspect of towing accounts: Do not get more accounts than you can handle. You don't want slow response times. Remember your company image is to be fast and friendly and superior to the competition which keeps your customers happy. If you have two trucks this creates a better response time and obviously allows you to get more accounts. I operated my first two years 24/7 starting with a single old truck and a cheap hydraulic tilt trailer and yet I was able to make my towing business grow and I was able to purchase new equipment later. What I am saying is that you don't need much money to get started in towing. You can upgrade your equipment later when the money starts rolling in.

I was literally broke when I started my towing business. I did not get a loan of any kind. I used a credit card for fuel and insurance. Within two years of starting my towing business I purchased a house, new Dodge Ram and built a brand new trailer. I used a credit card for the materials to build the trailer but I was able to pay the credit card debt in only a couple of months. I state this because if I can do it with no money you can also. All I had was the determination to make my towing business succeed and I definitely did not want to work for someone else again making low wages. I want you to feel the joy when the phone is ringing off the hook and the money is rolling in.


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Take advantage of my towing experience and knowledge

I will help you succeed in towing or starting your own towing business and my first suggestion is to read everything, view all the videos and take your time! knowledge is the key to succeeding in the towing business and that is what I have to offer you here at


two tow trucks

Above are two brand new trucks that I bought and used in combination with the two hydraulic tilt car trailers that I built from scratch and used in my towing business. It was a successful towing company and I am going to share with you my experience from beginning to end, sharing not only my success but also common failures so that you can avoid costly mistakes and prevent damage claims.

How I got Started in Towing

I am Wally Cass, now retired after 25 rewarding years in the towing industry, as an employee and owner operator. I now dedicate my time to helping others succeed in the towing industry by sharing everything I know about the towing business. I have been driving commercial trucks all my life but started in the towing industry in 1987 at the age of 30. I began working for a large towing company in San Diego, CA. They had a fleet of over a hundred trucks and eight impound yards.

fleet of tow trucks

I started driving tow trucks in the light duty class. I attended training classes and was certified by CTTA to recover vehicles in the heavy duty class.

Heavy Duty Towing Recovery


These vehicles were usually involved in accidents and roll over's. Training included safety, recovery and proper winching techniques.

It was a challenge to work with the heavy duty recoveries but it was also exciting. Every call was different which required some ingenuity to come up with the best solution for the task at hand.

Although I had experience driving every tow truck in their fleet and my favorite truck was a Peterbuilt with a telescoping boom and long reach under lift. This tow truck could perform any heavy duty task.

Peterbilt Tow Truck


peterbuilt tow truck 1992

After seven years with this employer I left to start my own independent towing business in my home state of Washington.

Starting my own business in 1995 was a real challenge but it was the best decision I ever made. The rewards of working for myself and the independence that came with it made it all worthwhile.

In Next are two commercial towing trailers that I designed and built for my towing business in 1997 and 1998.

two tow trucks with hydraulic tilt car trailers

The trailers performed perfectly! They were not only good looking but they were also fast to load and unload. These towing Trailers have withstood the test of time and are still operating today! They were designed with a super low profile loading angle which allowed me to tow expensive exotic cars very easily like this Willy's Coupe valued at $120,000. and with this low profile loading trailer no problem. Become a member of  and get the trailer plans to build your own supeior car trailer.

towing willys coupe

Image below is the same trailer that I built in 1998, although the color was changed to match the truck. Extended cab trucks are long but this car trailer handles it nicely.

Car trailer towing a truck

Towing vehicles into vehicle repair shops.

towing car into repair facility

towing and unloading a car at a repair auto shop

It's great driving a fifth wheel goose-neck trailer. I can jack knife the trailer and get into some really tight spaces. It makes for easy towing.

Jackknifing tow truck and car trailer into a tight spot towing car into repair facility Tilt trailer for towing cars Hydraulic tilt towing trailer in th down position Hydraulic tilt trailer in the up position


After starting my towing business I could not imagine working for anyone ever again. I was feeling the pride of ownership and the independence and gratification that came with it.

If you want independence for yourself then get my towing training information. It may be one of the best decisions you will ever make and besides It's guaranteed 100% satisfaction or your money back.

After several years of teaching hundreds of people online, refunds are practically non existent. The simple reason is that this towing information is valuable.

What Members Are Saying

  • towing Testimonial

    WOW Wally Cass! Super impressed with all the terrific information you have compiled over your career in your fantastic A-Z on Towing! Just what I was looking for.

    Thanks a $million! Sincerely, Polly Johnson
  • towing testimonial

    I love you're website it's teaching me everything. This was the best $40.00 investment ever.

  • towing testimonial

    We will do around $350,000.00 in our first year! You changed my life, and I never said thank you, so here it is "THANK YOU!"
    Luis Chacon

towing testimonial
  • testimonial

    Just want to tell you how valuable your information has been to us. I'm not sure what would have happened to our start up towing business had I not found your website. We started "towing" 3 months ago and thanks to your advise about motor clubs we've barely missed a lick.

    Jimmy and Rhonda Frady

How to Start and Operate a Towing Business

If you are thinking about starting a towing business then You will want the best information possible to ultimately succeed in your towing business. The best information should come from someone who is highly professional and has many years of hands on experience in all aspects of the towing industry. This will save you untold amounts of money and time from the experiences of trial and error.

I am going to share with you everything that I know about the towing business, as an employee and business owner of 25 years. My online towing information has been in development since 2010 and provides over 30 topics, 60+ videos, instructions, forms, illustrations, hydraulic tilt trailer plans, Motor-Club information, phone numbers, addresses and much more, that you can access online anytime and learn at your own pace. This towing information is great whether you are new to towing or already established in the towing industry.


My Towing Business Preferences

I do not have a impound yard or repossess vehicles. I like to work solely for the motor clubs, local businesses and retail accounts. My customers are friendly and happy to see me pull up and help rescue them (unlike impounds and repossessions) and I wouldn't want to operate my business any other way. However you may like the excitement that goes along with repossessions or impounds and willing to put up with customers that are upset because you took their vehicle away, but this is a individual choice and we all have our own preferences for business. Another major factor to consider is the expensive start up costs associated with a impound yard. I like to operate from my home which is not only convenient but it is also cost effective with no overhead costs. There are also other benefits as well such as deducting part of my mortgage come tax time as a home office.


Know Exactly Where You Stand!

If you want to learn how to operate a safe and successful towing business or perform roadside services then I highly advise that you to take a look at this detailed towing information. The time you spend learning all you can prior to working in the towing industry or starting and operating a towing business will benefit you more than I can say. At least you will know exactly where you stand and what it takes to start and operate a towing business. Besides you have nothing to lose with our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.


"It has taken me a lifetime to gather this towing business information from personal experience as an employee and towing business owner"

I began towing in 1987 and started my own independent towing business in 1995. I have had 25 rewarding years in the towing industry. I have recently retired due to some physical limitations. I have been very reluctant to give it all up because I really enjoyed what I do, such as helping people while seeing new places and especially working for myself. I am now dedicating my time to helping others by sharing everything I know about towing.

I have had contracts with several motor clubs and many local business accounts and I have never had a damage claim since I started my towing business. I have had a few prior damage claims while working as an employee but I learned not to repeat the same mistakes. I will tell you what I did wrong so you can also learn from these common mistakes. Damage claims are expensive and can even lead to court. I will show you how to avoid all damage claims by hooking up properly with safety in mind and provide the proper forms to fill out prior to hooking up the vehicle. Documenting prior vehicle damage is very important so that the vehicles owner can not come back to you stating that you damaged their vehicle and this holds more true if you impound vehicles.


What would all this knowledge be worth to you If you could save money and time in the operation of your towing business?

If after reviewing all the materials including over 30 articles and 60 plus videos and let's say you did not have damage claims to contend with or you could unlock any vehicle in under three minutes without damage and tasks were completed safer and faster then how much would this information be worth to you? How much could you save if you trained your employees with my detailed instructions, videos, and safety procedures? My videos not only show you to hook up to a vehicle but what NOT to do during a hook up. I list my "must have requirements" for towing equipment, safety gear, tools and many additional helpful items. I will show you the modern way to unlock a vehicle in under three minutes, the best way to perform service calls. I will also show you my favorite ways to get business accounts. How to bill your wholesale accounts. How to sign up with the motor clubs (including phone numbers and addresses) and what they expect from you and what you can expect from them. I discuss my personal billing rates with the motor clubs and tell you what is common or how to improve your billing rates. I also discuss proper winch out and recovery techniques with safety in mind (which are also available in the videos), how to perform service calls with the right equipment and how to avoid costly mistakes or even injury. I talk about the office work that needs to be done such as accounting, record keeping, invoicing, billing and discuss a little on taxes and employees. I also tell you my favorite place to advertise and it's absolutely FREE! I basically tell you everything I know in the operation of my towing business.


What is NOT included

I will not give you advice on impound yards or repossessions. You will have to check with your state and local agencies regarding this information. All states have different requirements, rules and regulations. If you want to operate a towing business providing towing and roadside services for the motor clubs, local businesses and retail accounts then this is my area of expertise!


You won't find this towing information anywhere else!

I have searched the internet and I can't find any detailed information related to operating a towing business. If you find any towing information it is probably minimal and not like the extensive towing information that I have laid out for you. Besides, who else is going to give you the support you need, answer your towing related questions promptly and for free?


Why am I sharing all my towing business information?

I am retired now and I feel this information should be available for people who are interested in starting their own towing business. Besides I wish I had a mentor or access to this type of information when I decided to start my towing business. It would have saved me a lot of headaches rather than trying to learn it all on my own. I actually learned the hard way by trial and error until I figured out what worked best. I can save you a lot of time and money by sharing with you what has worked best for me in all areas of the towing business. The information I am going to share with you didn't come out of a book or some bits and pieces of information off the internet. The information comes exclusively from myself and my own experience as a towing business owner and operator. This is what I do full time now, helping others to succeed in their own towing business. I am available to answer your questions anytime and I usually respond right away.

I am excited to let members know that I have added my exclusive trailer building plans! I have tons of information for you. See the trailer to the left? Now you have access to the plans to build this trailer that I built in 1998. Warning! The trailer plans are not made by a professional plans drafter but I did my best to give my own drawings, dimensions and describing how I built it. If you are looking to sign up strictly and only for the purpose of obtaining true professional tilt trailer drafting blue prints then please do not order. The cost to hire a professional drafter to draw up blue prints would be staggering and that's not what this course is about. I want to keep the cost low and affordable so everyone has a chance to receive this information.

I actually built two custom flatbed hydraulic tilt trailers. The hydraulic tilt car trailer that you see to your left was built back in 1998 and is still going strong. I sold the trailer in 2012 to a Howtotow member who drove from Colorado to WA state to purchase the trailer and he was really happy with it and said it was worth the long drive.

When I built this tilt trailer my objective was to create the lowest possible loading angle and this trailer is very low. The trailer only sits 17.5 inches off the ground and therefore only needs to tilt 1.5 feet to hit the ground. Usually when you gain something in one area you lose in another area such as producing a low loading angle should make the fender height rise and make it harder to open the vehicles doors but not in this case. The car doors clear the fenders easily and we still gain the initial low profile loading angle. If you decide to build this trailer you will be happy with the looks and performance!


How to Order and Gain Immediate Online Access to the Towing Information and Training

All I ask is that you do not give this information away or sell any part of the contents. You can however train employees with the material. I have received positive feedback from employers who use the material to train their employees with positive results. Once you see what's in the members area I know that you will enjoy the information and I think you will agree that this is valuable information.

PayPal accepted! Once payment is received you will be automatically redirected to the members area where you can view all the information and instructional videos instantly online anytime 24/7.

I am so confident that you will benefit from this towing information that I am willing to make your purchase absolutely risk free! If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I will promptly issue a refund, no questions asked. I simply refuse to accept your payment unless you are 100% satisfied.


I invite you to sign up now and get instant access to the online towing information, materials, trailer plans, forms, videos, the best training and support.



Important! I strongly advise that you register or create an account before you place your order so that your account will be credited and given instant permission to access the members area.


 After you have registered an account click the order button below and pay securely with PayPal which accepts major credit cards and debit card transactions.  Remember that you can deduct this as an expense on your taxes.

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Check out what other members had to say about the towing information.


member testimonials

Next are some of the main titles within the article section. This does not include the 60+ videos which contain another 60+ topics.

  • Business Planning
  • Towing Methods
  • Lockouts
  • Winching
  • Towing Resources
  • Winch Wire Rope
  • Hooks and Attachments
  • Tow Trucks
  • Towing Equipment
  • Jump Starts
  • Accounting
  • Trailer Plans
  • Basic Safety Procedures
  • Towing Motorcycles
  • How to hook up to a vehicle properly
  • Service Calls
  • Tire Changes
  • Advertising
  • Dispatch Sheet (form)
  • Tow Truck Inspection and Maintenance
  • How to Unlock a Vehicle in Under 2 Minutes
  • Basic Wheel-lift Towing
  • Basic Flatbed Towing
  • Motor Clubs
  • Business Accounts
  • Recovery Towing
  • All About Chain Grade



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This website took several years to produce and proudly launched in 2010 to help the towing community. Thank you to all who have submitted a testimonal and I look forward to your testimonal too!


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